Best pull ups with Velcro sides in 2022 [Updated Reviews]

pull ups with velcro sides

Pull ups with Velcro sides are a basic requirement of the parenting community for their babies. Meanwhile, many branded stores make it readily available for them. These brands include Huggies, Parents choice, and Up and up.

These pull-ups brand offers various types of designs, price, and quality. However, if your concern is for getting these velcro sides pull ups at a much cheaper price, I suggest you get them from the local grocery stores. But it won’t get you branded products there.

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Brand products for Pull Ups with Velcro Sides

All those pull ups brands mentioned above are great in quality and hardly there exist any demerits like pampers as they appeared to be the most trusted brand for providing the best pull ups for velcro sides.


2.Parent’s choice

3. Up and Up

  • Nighttime Underwear
  • Girl’s Training Pants
  • Boy’s Training pants

We mothers don’t compromise with the quality of the baby diapers or products, therefore I am gonna break down the details about each of these branded products and add my opinion, what my experience was and How I feel about the quality.

Lets now begin this discussion with the Company Huggies,

Huggies pull ups with Velcro sides

There hardly exists any confusion about why Huggies is so popular among the parents. The commitment of this company towards making your child potty training both interesting and fun makes it the first choice of parents. But where do their products differ from one another?

Come let’s find out.

Huggies pull-ups Learning designs

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The presence of an interesting Disney character on this pull-ups makes it interesting wear for your child and eventually they inhibit fading away when these pull-ups get wet. Besides offering a resfastanable sides to serve the purpose of quick changes this product ensures proper protection throughout the day and night.

Apart from that, the super-stretchy sides make it up and down movement even easier. This product is available for both boys and girl and comes with the best-suited Disney characters of cartoon features that go well with the genders and help in rip or easy open sides.


  1. Interesting fun wear for babies due to the presence of Disney characters.
  2. The refastenable side offers quick changes feature
  3. Ensure proper protection throughout the day and night.


  1. It is pricey.
  2. It can be irritating for kids with sensitive skin.

Huggies pull ups-New Leaf with velcro sides

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Unlike the Huggies Learning design product, this potty trained pull-up diaper can end the sensitive skin problem due to its material which is basically prepared from plants that are cottony in nature.

The Extensive soft breathable material makes it proper pull for easy air circulation with the baby’s body to keep it away from all kinds of rashes.

Additionally, it also ends the fitting problem, which many toddlers face. If you have chosen the right size for your child, it won’t give you much headache even your child is having a slim waist. They are even equipped with fun characters for both girls and boys which in fact help them to understand the training as they disappear when wet. The 3t 4t combo or 4t 5t combo are great for potty trained.

Above all, the coloring mat is way much interesting to grab his/her attention.


  1. Perfect pull-ups diapers for babies with sensitive body.
  2. Value for money.
  3. Perfect fit for babies with a small waist.
  4. Keeps your child body free from rashes.
  5. Can be great for daycare use.


  1. It is expensive.

Huggies pull-ups cool and learn with Velcro sides

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This Huggies product as suggested by its name is associated with cute characters designs and gives a cooling sensation to your child like indicating them to go to the potty. The material used in preparing this product is polypropylene, which may not be a proper fit for sensitive skin toddlers.

Additionally, the proper sensation of cooling does lack sometimes. Moreover, the material appear to be rough for me, when I purchased it for my child. Though it is great for teaching your baby potty training much faster, maybe uncomfortable for your child.


  1. The presence of cool designs and a sense of underwear or cooling sensation helps your child for learning potty training faster.
  2. Good to go with if you are looking for low-budget pull-ups.


  1. This product is not for sensitive bodies as it might give rashes to your baby’s body.
  2. The material is tough and not good to fade wetness for the kids.
  3. Need perfect teachers for guiding it.

Huggies Night Time Potty Training with Velcro sides

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Usually, as a Mother in my view, night time pull-ups cannot compete with the diapers due to the presence of less absorbency in it. However, this can actually help your little one to recognize the potty training quicker.

But you shouldn’t allow it unless your toddler is ready for potty training fully and if you don’t want your little one to wake up wet in the morning. Meanwhile, the Huggies Nighttime potty training pull-ups can be a great product here. They can last the whole night by absorbing everything inside them due to the presence of extra absorbency, especially for heavy night wetters.


  1. The presence of extra absorbency in this Huggies pull ups diapers make it great pull-ups for night time potty training.
  2. It doesn’t allow any leakage.


  1. These Huggies pull ups might slow the learning of your little one in potty training.

Parents’s choice Pull ups with Velcro sides

As suggested from its name, “Parent’s choice” this pull up dispers brand really is the first choice of many parent without any dilemma. Basically, these products are made available by the famous seller Walmart and so there hardly exists any confusion in the quality of the product.

Additionally, Parents’ choice produces baby products at an affordable rate and is therefore listed as the fastest-growing baby brand.

Besides its super quality product, it is also known as the Company which provides gender-specific design, due to its completely cute colors and patterns.

In case of size, this seller ensures it starts from 2T and ends to 5T with counts of 17, 56, and 70.

The stretchy waistband of these pull-ups won’t give you any issue regarding its fittings. Additionally, its elasticized legs make sure that your little one doesn’t get into any discomfort.

The resealable sides of this pull-ups made it absolutely possible for quick changes. On the other hand, the design of these pull-ups is worthy and simple enough for your little one to make it up and down on their own based on their need.

Parent’s choice training pants for girls

What’s the best thing about this? You might be wondering. Right?

If I tell you this pull up gonna absorb 10x more fluid than its own weight, will you believe me? Yes, it is true. Additionally, the paw patrol design can make your toddler really interested in wearing it. But that is not the end. This product is made up of breathable material which takes proper care of your girl’s skin and ensures her body stays dry.


  • Great breathable material
  • Interesting paw patrol pattern for females
  • presence of 10x more absorbency


  • It is pricey as compared to other brands
  • You have to buy the distinguished product for boy and girl

Parent’s choice paw patrol training pants for boys

There hardly exists any much bigger difference in the quality and the material of this product if it is being compared with that of parent’s choice girls training pant. The only difference you can witness here is the paw patrol designs.


  • Great breathable material
  • Interesting paw patrol pattern designed for boy
  • presence of 10x more absorbent


  • It is pricey as compared to other brands
  • You have to buy a distinguished product for boy and girl

Up and Up Pull-ups with Velcro sides

Up and up is the primary choice of the parent especially when they think of potty training their toddlers. The main reason behind this is the affordability of this product. You gonna get this item at a much cheaper price than that of Huggies.

Eventually, don’t assume it as a compromise in quality. No, never.  You gonna get everything like quality and other features that too in a much cheaper price.

They even offer their velcro sides pull-ups of different sizes (2T-5T)  for both girls and boys. Additionally, the presence of a fade when-wet indicator will even give you an accurate notification for changing the pull-up.

Their nighttime pullups are also great.

Boy’s Training Pants by Target

The finest quality of ultra-absorbent present in these pull-ups really make it stand out from other product. Additionally, the outer cover is these boy’s training pants are breathable enough to keep your baby’s body dry throughout the time.

The stretchy sides of this pants design can easily help your toddler to achieve the up and down motion in addition to the refastenable sides.


  • This product is quite affordable
  • The presence of Ultra absorbent material make it more effective
  • Up and down motion.


  • The stretchy sides do let the up and down motion but it can be complicated for your toddler for the first time.

Girl’s Training pants by Target

The features of Girl’s Training pants by Up and up are majorly similar to that of boy’s training pants with a few extra things including interesting patterns and designs for your baby daughter. Apart from that this product also ensures the perfect fittings for its low fit so that its wear can make your toddler comfortable.


  • The presence of beautiful designs and patterns makes your girl interested in the diapers.
  • Affordable product
  • Up and down motion


  • Complications may arise for the stretchy sides for the first time use.

Nighttime Underwear

If you are tired of choosing pull-ups to use the potty training, especially for boys and females then Nighttime Underwear by up and up will be the best-suited product in this case.

This leak-proof product includes a pattern of stars and moon and can go with both females and males. It even includes extra protection via its super absorbent core to last overnight without giving any tension or accidents.


  • The presence of a super-absorbent core makes it extra protective and free from leaks.
  • It can be used for both males and females
  • This diapers contains interesting patterns of moon and stars all over its body


  • A bit pricey

Why to use pull-ups with Velcro sides?

  • It acts as the independence of a big kid as it would lead your toddler to easily pull it up and down even without your help.
  • Velcro side pull-ups can give parents an easy quick checks-in and ensure the requirement and not the requirement of change.
  • Parent can make it more adjustable so that your toddler can be more comfortable while wearing it.
  • These types of pull-ups are refastenable which implies that there doesn’t exist any search for the need for ripping the sides to quick checks or ensuring its dryness for your kids.

Final statement on Pull ups with Velcro sides for preschool or daycare kid

The transition between diapers and pull-ups especially during the potty training for a preschool or daycare can be confusing for your kid if not guided properly by you as a teacher.

However, In this posts content it is seen that the Huggies pull-ups can make this process really easy and smooth without any leaks like pampers easy ups diapers for your toddler to get properly familiar with the potty training without a search for teachers. But if your concern is for something much cheaper and affordable, then Up and up will be best suited for you as mentioned in this post!

Do mention your comments with conclusion in this posts to use the potty training guide. Use the post navigation menu or comment below for other report.

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