Best Pull ups with detachable sides in 2022

Pull ups with detachable sides

Potty training is one of the most important achievements for your child. Although, it is always long and frustrating. But not anymore.

Pull up with detachable sides have made potty training for toddlers extremely simple and painless.

Pull-ups with detachable side are simple to remove and won’t fall off your child’s body. Furthermore, because the sides are detachable, they are simple to clean.

If you’re looking for a pair of Pull Ups with detachable side, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten best Pull Up with detachable sides below.

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If you’re short on time, have a look at our top three best pull-ups training pants with detachable side that are very comfortable, absorbent, and suitable for potty-training to make the potty training easier.

  1. Huggies Learning Designs Pull-up
  2. Huggies Potty Training Pull-up
  3. Cuties potty training pull-up

Pull ups training pants with detachable sides

1. Huggies pull ups Learning designs

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Thanks to the Huggies Pull-Ups Learning Designs, your little girl will learn and feel completely comfortable while wearing these disposable potty training pants.

A diaper that fits snugly between your child’s legs for a better fit. The Huggies pull-ups are easy to remove, giving your toddler more freedom of movement and a more flexible bathroom routine. These huggies pull-ups provide a secure fit while absorbing liquid even if your baby is not fully potty trained.

Features of Huggies pull ups:

●  Made up of cotton

●  Suitable for girls

●  Comes with Disney graphics

●  Easy to open sides

●  It has bonus activities for toddlers

●  Snug fit and easy to change

Pros of this Huggies pull ups:

●  Leak proof design

●  Ideal for training

●  High-quality material

Cons of this Huggies pull ups:

●  Not for boys

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2. Huggies Potty Training Pull-Ups for Boys

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Huggies Pull-Ups for Boys is a toilet training solution that may be worn anywhere. HUGGIES slim-fitting training underwear is designed to keep your little one dry and comfortable, and it includes an absorbent poly fabric layer that keeps him dry and comfortable even when he makes messes.

Unlike traditional training pants, these pull-ups offer a snug fit that keeps your son’s underwear in place. Pull-on pants with elasticized leg openings stay put for confident and easy toileting. This product will ensure your baby get potty trained much faster.


●  Available in different sizes

●  Multi coloring mat designs

●  Suitable for up to 15 kg toddler

●  Fun and musical patterns

●  The pull-ups stay dry for longer times

●  Easy to open and detachable sides

●  Snug fit like underwear


●  Easy to slide down and up

●  Fast and easy to change

●  Leak protection

●  Tear open sides


●  Not for girls


3. New Leaf Girl Pull-Ups

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The New Leaf GirlsPotty Training Pants are soft and comfortable training underwear that provides maximum protection while allowing for maximum breathability. It contains side tapes to keep your toddler’s pants up while they are on the toilet.


●  It comes in a pack of 76.

●  Suitable for big kids

●  Soft training pull-ups

●  Plant-based material

●  No harsh chemicals

●  Breathable pant material with up to 12 hours of leak protection


●  Super Stretchy sides waistline

●  Ideal for potty training

●  Excellent absorption

●  Soft and durable


●  Some skin types can have rashes

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4. Cuties Potty Training Pull-Ups

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Cuties change Pull ups for girls and boys with detachable sides are ideal to start potty training. The revolutionary design of these 6-12 months training pants makes it easy for your small ones to stay dry and comfortable.

The powerful leak mechanism prevents leakage, and the 3T/4T sizing ensures that your child easily fits into them without any problem.


●  Pack of 92 will last months

●  Ideal for boys and girls

●  Skin smart with no rashes

●  Available in various sizes

●  Highly comfortable with super stretchy sides

●  Maintains a snug fit for different size toddlers


●  Suitable for sensitive skin

●  A good amount of stretch

●  Excellent absorption level(due to super absorbent core)

●  Affordable and good quality


●  Average comfort

●  Poor leak protection


5. New Leaf Boys easy Ups

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Your little one will be happy and comfy in New Leaf contents Pull-Ups for Boys with detachable sides. These soft, lightweight pull-ups are constructed of an 86 percent cotton, 14 percent polyester, and 8% spandex blend for a comfortable fit that moves with the baby.

A one-piece convertible pant provides further protection for delicate areas, ensuring that poo does not accumulate around the waist or legs.


●  Available in different sizes

●  The pack of 124 will easily last for months

●  Suitable for big-sized toddlers

●  Softer padding

●  Crafted from plants for healthy skin

●  It is chemical-free and clinically proven hypoallergenic


●  Super soft on the skin

●  Exclusive graphics of Disney characters.

●  Highly absorbent

●  Suitable for boys


●  Not the best for girls

6. Seventh Generation Pull-Ups

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The Seventh Generation pull up with velcro sides make the potty training fun and easy. These cloth diapers are convenient and have no leak-through or leaks at all, plus they contain a fresh aroma to help keep your infant confident.

These diaper change have all of the features you’d expect from a high-quality potty training product, plus extras like rear elastic legs and a tiny size that suits children aged 2 to 5.


●  Suitable for kids up to 35 lbs

●  Available in different colors and sizes

●  Made for sensitive skin toddler

●  Ideal for both genders

●  No chlorine has been used in the making of these pull-ups

●  Sides are detachable for easy washing and remove


●  Decent stretch

●  Ideal for overnight or night time potty training.

●  Excellent absorbency level

●  Ideal for sensitive skin


●  Not as soft as other pull ups

7. Pampers Easy Ups

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Thanks to Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants, potty training for boys has never been easier. Pampers Easy Ups training pants offer the biggest convenience benefit ever, with a fun color-changing pad to help your young one know when it’s time for a change.

Because of an Active baby Fit stretchy waistband and leg gripper extend present in these easy ups to help keep your child’s life dry and comfortable, these Pampers easy ups trainer pants stay in place on busy toddlers, unlike other trainers.

Features of this pampers easy ups:

●  Available in different colors, sizes, and styles

●  Dual leak guards barries on the sides

●  Easy to rip-off sides for convenience

●  Super-soft padding for extra comfort

●  360-degree stretchy waistband

Pros of pampers easy ups:

●  Highly comfortable and soft

●  Easy-tear sides

●  No leakage from sides

●  Decent amount of stretch

Cons of pampers easy ups:

●  It causes rashes

8. Pampers Pull-Ups for Boys and Girls

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Pampers Pull-Ups with easy open Sides are designed to help in the toilet training of babies. Wetness indicators and super absorbent core makes leakage protection are included in the design.

Powerful all-around leak and absorbent pull moisture protection in a single size that fits every child from newborn to toilet learning best by 9 lbs. They do offer big kid underwear as well.


●  It comes with a PJ mask

●  It is 100% leakproof with a dual leak guard on both sides.

●  The pull-up comes with extra absorb channels for the quick-lock of wetness.

●  Comes with different patterns and designs.


●  Different designs available

●  Excellent comfort

●  Leakage and spills proof

●  Decent stretch


●  Average absorbency

9. Huggies Boys Potty Training Pants

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Potty training a toddler can be difficult, but no parent wants to miss out on the excitement. Huggies Pull Ups will help the youngster complete difficult tasks with ease and confidence.

A moisture-wicking and stretchy waistband keeps your child cool and comfortable, while soft cotton provides him the softest feel possible. Even when your child is learning to pull his own jeans up, the wide back panel gives extra support.


●  Available in various packs and sizes

●  Suitable for potty training of little toddlers of 3 and 4 age

●  All-around coverage for leakage protection

●  It comes with extra padding and soft, stretchy sides for added comfort.

●  Easy to move up and down

●  Fading graphics to teach your kid potty training


●  Excellent leak protection

●  Ideal for potty training

●  Decent absorbency

●  A good amount of stretch


●  Some skin types can have itching

10. Huggies Cool & Learn Pull-Ups

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Huggies Cool & Learn pull up with velcro sides are available in a variety of fun and fashionable colors to help your kid feel more confident.

Its adaptable design allows you to adjust their routine as they grow without having to use a pull-up. The one-piece design prevents leaks and is simple to clean.


●  Suitable for girls of 2 to 3 years of age

●  Made up of polypropylene

●  It deploys a short and gentle cooling

●  The pull up’s with velcro sides allow you to change your clothes easily.

●  It comes with soft and stretchy sides to promote the freedom of kids.

●  The pull-ups have exclusive Disney graphics.


●  Free printable incentives

●  Cooling sensation

●  Fun Disney designs

●  Decent stretch


●  It is not the best for potty training

Pull ups with detachable sides: Buying Guide

When purchasing pull up with easy open sides or velcro straps, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first and most important requirement is that the pull-ups have velcro straps.

In addition, the pull-ups should be comfortable, the side should be easy to take off, and there are a few additional factors that we’ll go through in this buying guide.

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Velcro Straps

Pull Up with velcro sides are one of the best pull-ups for toddlers. They’re simple to put on and don’t easily fall off, so they won’t fall off or tangle in your laundry as other closures might. They also won’t shred or tear easily

Velcro straps, unfortunately, aren’t always the most comfortable option. They can be rough on your toddler’s skin, and the way they’re designed to fit around your kid’s waist might create itchiness and discomfort.

Easy to Tear Sides

Another thing to check for in Pull Up with velcro sides is whether the sides are simple to rip or tear. If you can find pull-ups with easy-to-grip sides, you’ll feel more at ease when ripping the sides off your child’s pull-ups.


When shopping for a pair of pull-ups, absorbency is one of the most crucial factors to consider. The extra absorbency of pull-ups determines how effectively they will stay in your body.

It’s preferable to go with something with extra absorbency if you’re looking for something that can contain a lot of liquid. However, if you only need something to hold a small amount of liquid, something with less absorbency would be a better option.

Size and Age

Another thing to consider while buying Pull Ups with velcro sides is the size of your kid and pulls. You should know the age of your kids, and as per the age, you will be able to choose the pull-ups. The more they age, the large the pull-up you have to purchase for your toddler.

However, not always will you be able to buy the right size as per the age of your toddler. So you also have to consider the waist size of your toddler and buy the pull-ups accordingly.


When choosing the pull-ups for your child, gender is irrelevant. Every child is different, so the best way to figure out which one is ideal for them is to try them on. Some kids will be able to wear them right away, while others may have to wait until they’re ready to move up in size

Not only that, but some boys like pull-ups with girly designs, while some girls prefer boy designs, making it difficult to determine which pull-ups are best for your children.

Stretchy Waistline

If comfort is a top priority for you, make sure to get pull-ups with a stretchy waistline(for refastenable sides); otherwise, your toddler may not enjoy wearing the pull-ups. For instance, some Pull Up with velcro sides lack a durable and stretchy waistline, which can cause skin irritation and discomfort in your child’s waistline area.

Patterns and Designs

The majority of Pull Up with velcro sides on the market have entertaining designs and patterns on them. Some feature Disney characters, while others have action heroes and car designs.

If your child enjoys chasing superheroes and Disney characters, he will most likely enjoy wearing pull-ups with similar designs and patterns. As a result, you must make sure that you get pull-ups with designs and patterns that your children want.

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Overall, pull up with velcro sides are an excellent approach to teaching your child learn how to use the toilet with no extra cost.

The majority of the breathable material pull-ups we’ve highlighted above are of excellent quality and have a lot of absorbencies and are most parent’s choice.

However, when it comes to deciding which is the best, we recommend the Huggies Learning design pull-ups. This is due to the fact that these pulls feature detachable velcro sides that are gentle on the skin.

Furthermore, the absorbency is excellent, and the pull-ups are reasonably priced.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the absorbency of pull-ups similar to that of diapers?

Pull-ups are similar to, if not identical to, diapers. They’re made of sodium polyacrylate, the same breathable material that’s used in diapers. They are, in fact, as absorbent as diapers.

Is there any major difference between potty training pants and pull-ups?

Pull-ups are more like diapers, whereas potty training pants are composed of soft-cloth and washable cotton and are intended for comfort and potty training.

When should the toddler start using pull-ups?

There is no certain age when children should begin wearing pull-ups. Some children can start wearing them at the age of two, while others may need them as they get older.


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