Best pull ups bigger than 5t in 2022

pull ups bigger than 5t

Usually, people believe that diapers are just for newborns and little fits children, although diapers may also be used by older children. Pull-ups training pants come in handy when the switch from diapers to the toilet is traumatic for the child. Even if your child is older and has learned to use the toilet, switching them to pull-ups will save you the effort of getting up in the middle of the night to change them. More substantial pull-ups may come in helpful throughout the day, as they will avoid occasional wettings and will also instill confidence in your child.

Let’s start with a quick tutorial to make sure you know all there is to know about diapers before you buy them, and then we’ll go through 5 of the finest pull ups larger than 5t.

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If you are short on time here are my top 3 suggestions,

1. Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear
2. Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants
3. Huggies Pull Ups

What exactly are pull-ups?

Pull-ups are the most well-known and widely used kind of potty training underpants. They are available in a range of designs and varieties from a number of different companies.

Although there are minor distinctions across brands, pull ups training pants are the most diaper-like of the group. The material is thinner than a diaper but is meant to be very absorbent, capturing both pee and excrement.

The main distinction is in how the pull-up is worn. A pull up glides up and down like ordinary underwear instead of utilizing sticky panels to unzip a diaper. Pull-ups are an excellent solution to prevent huge messes if you’re just starting potty training or still having a lot of mishaps.

How to select the perfect Pull ups for your child – Buying guide for Pull ups Bigger than 5t    

Absorption of odors

Toddler pee is significantly more concentrated than newborn urine. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Always search for a pull-up that says it absorbs odors(I mean odor-absorbing regular diapers) and comes with super absorbent material. This is very beneficial for nighttime bedwetting even for bigger kids.

Skin sensitivity

The child skin is very delicate. However, some newborns have more sensitive skin and are prone to diaper rashes. You should purchase a diaper made of natural materials that are gentle on the baby’s skin. Potentially harmful elements should be avoided in the pull-ups. Diapers should be composed of soft cotton fabrics.


A huge youngster enjoys moving about. Pull-ups training pants allow your kids to roam about so freely that they aren’t even aware they’re wearing them. To begin, the perfect pull-waistband up’s should have a 360-degree design that allows for mobility. Legs should be snug for leakage prevention but yet allow for mobility with double leg barriers.

Pad site.

Pull Up should come in both boys and girls variants to meet anatomical variances with extra absorb channels. However, In comparison to the girl’s counterpart, the boys youth pants features more absorbency in the front.

Stretchy waistband

Always search for a wear diapers that has flexible waistline(stretchy waistband) that your toddler can quickly pull up and down. The simpler it is for the child to use the pull-up(due to a stretchy waistband), the quicker they will be properly toilet trained. So, super stretchy sides are always recommended by moms including me.

Easy sizing information

Sizing varies by manufacturer, but any excellent pull-up will have simple sizing information right on the package. Before ordering in bulk, we recommend testing on little packs of pull-ups to check the size fits well.

Catchy Designs

Kids will be more enthusiastic about potty training if they are enthusiastic about their pull-ups. Look for a brand that has specifically designed recognizable characters(fun designs) or graphics that your youngster or older kids will love. I also recommend that you take them to the shop and let them choose their favorite pair.

Top 8 Best Pull-ups bigger than 5t    

The majority of these pull-ups training pants are already well-known trusted brands, making it easy to test them out and give them a fair opportunity to start training.

However, since some parents may need to try more than one actual diapers brand to determine which fits and absorbs the best for those midnight leaks, it’s crucial to keep track of all of these possibilities. Because such accidents are more likely to occur today than ever before. However, once you begin potty training, things may only become worse before they get better until your child learn.

1. Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear

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One of the greatest training underwear pull-ups in the industry is Goodnites for making your baby potty train.  They offer every feature you could want in a diaper. To begin, these exact pull-ups are available in sizes XS, S / M, and L / XL. The largest sizes are L and XL, which would accommodate children weighing 60 to 125 pounds. These pull-ups may be used not just for training your youngster, but also for older children who may have urine problems.

These pullovers are aimed for females. You would believe that diaper gender doesn’t matter, yet the structure of girls and boys differs. As a result, their super absorbent layers differ as well.

Pull-ups contain an elastic waistband that feels like actual underwear for comfort, which will aid your child’s transfer.


Observes odor

Offers 40 percent more protection

Both boys and females design are present in toddler section


Do not have tear-away sides

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2. Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants

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This company makes high-quality pull-ups that will assist your child to adapt without having them feel self-conscious about their bedwetting issues or making him/her potty train. Having to wake up wet every day may be quite traumatic for the child. Pampers makes pull-ups in sizes ranging from 2t-3t to 5t-6t, with the biggest sizes fitting children weighing more than 38 pounds.

Pampers pull-ups have an extremely absorbent core that locks away moisture and prevents skin contact with condensation for too long. Not only is this inconvenient, but the dampness in contact with the surface for an extended period of time may cause issues that are difficult to reverse. Irritation or swelling of the skin, for example, may cause excruciating pain. That might be really upsetting for your child.

Pros Pampers Easy ups potty training pants

Mishaps are prevented from becoming large messes by easy absorption channels and leak guards.

Boys and girls may choose from a variety of really exciting patterns.

Your child feel waistband is stretchy and comfy to wear.

Cons of this training pants

They are too tiny for extra large toddlers.

3. Pull Ups Cool & Learn for Girls

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These ones from Cool and Learn to start potty training or make potty training more manageable for girl pull ups. They know they’ve gone to the toilet when they feel a momentary cooling sensation, which teaches them about how their bodies operate.

The easy-open sides and ultra-absorbent fabrics give protection both day and night, which parents will appreciate. Yet, they still appear and feel like underpants, making potty training fun for your youngster and thus making them fully potty trained.

The best part is that your young girl will enjoy seeing some of her favorite inspirational cartoons on each pull-up. These pull-ups will undoubtedly assist girls in potty training.

Pros of this training pants

Girls will like and be inspired by its cute and colorful designs in their wear.

The cooling element in assists your little girl in better understanding her body.

It’s simple to put this wear on and take off.

Cons of this training pants

Only for girls

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4. Huggies Pull-Ups for potty training process

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Huggies has your back if you have a 4-year-old who is still learning to use the toilet. Huggies Pull-ups in sizes 4t-5t can accommodate children weighing 38 to 50 pounds.

These pull-ups are not just wonderful because of their sizes. They also have additional benefits worth highlighting for potty training. These pull-ups, for example, have outstanding absorbency. They manufacture customized diapers with absorbent regions, notably in the core, back, and legs, where youngsters need it the most. These diapers may be worn for up to 8 hours!

Pull-ups also include a tailored waistband that fits the youngster snugly and prevents leakage. They also include tear-away sides, which are ideal if you need to change your baby fast and without exerting too much effort.

Pros of this training pants

Your youngster will be able to tell when they’ve urinated thanks to the fading visuals function.

Active boys will appreciate the very flexible fit.

Extra absorbent

Cons of this training pants

Sometimes not able to prevent Major leaks

5. New Leaf Boys’ Potty Training Pants

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New Leaf is another wonderful brand that makes pull-ups in larger sizes to fully potty trained your toddler. They offer pull ups in sizes ranging from 2t-3t to 4t-5t, which implies they can suit youngsters weighing more than 50 pounds. As much as we would for these diapers to be flawless in every aspect, it hardly ever happens.

These pull-ups, on the other hand, are created from plant-based ingredients, making them safe and gentle on the baby’s skin while also being environmentally friendly. They are readily recyclable and do not generate a lot of garbage.

Pros of this training underwear

They’re suitable for all kids body types.

Provide a solid and secure fit.

Available in baby all sizes


Low absorbent capacity as compared to other baby diaper products

6. Bambo Nature training pants

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These training pant are ideal for avoiding rashes and irritation to start potty training. Each one was made using fabric material sourced, implying that more trees were planted than were torn down. They’ve also been dermatologically evaluated for sensitive skin, which we appreciate.

The soft, airy, and stretchy material will easily fit around the curves of your child’s legs. It also has a distinctive strip of tape running down the back, which we appreciate.

Basically, the quality of these pull ups is outstanding. They’ve even been authorized by the Nordic Ecolabel, which sets high environmental and health standards for goods.


Environmentally safe materials won’t damage your toddler delicate skin.

Cleaning up is a snap with disposable tape.

It complies with excellent environmental and health regulations.


Not affordable for all the parents

7. Seventh generation potty pants

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These were created to accommodate youngsters weighing up to 35 pounds, making them the ideal alternative for children who are just turning two yet are ready to toilet train.

These diapers are also made of natural materials, which is ideal for younger children with sensitive skin. Each is devoid of lotions and scents and is composed entirely of chlorine-free processing cellulose fibers.

The patterns were created to appeal to both boys and females. They can be put on and taken off like ordinary underwear, but they also have tear-away edges in case of big incidents and you need to intervene.


They’re suitable for all baby body types.

They provide a solid and secure fit.

Excellent absorbents for heavy bedwetting toddler.


Not suitable for super small sized kid

8. Dappy waterproof

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Reliability and budget are combined in these ultra inexpensive underwear covers. They slide over a diaper, a pull-up, or ordinary underwear and are made of tough, waterproof nylon.

Place them over underwear during toilet training when you’re quite certain your kid won’t have a huge accident instead of going through a lot of pull-ups. The waterproof material will catch little leaks and minor mishaps.

The smooth spandex waistline and leg openings are very appealing. Many plastic coverings are quite painful, but the spandex allows your youngster to move freely without being scraped or irritated.

These are a wonderful option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on pull-ups and are prepared to try switching directly to ordinary underwear


It’s really inexpensive and may be used over and over again.

The soft spandex lining provides comfort and minimizes discomfort for your youngster.

Minor leaks and mishaps are protected.


Sometimes unprotected against midnight leakage

Some frequently asked questions on best Pull ups bigger than 5t    

How do pull ups help in potty training

Pull-up diapers and training pants come in a variety of styles, but they’re all meant to help your child transition from diapers to underwear. This is accomplished by combining diapers with underpants. Training pants resemble underwear in appearance and function, with the exception that your youngster can pull them on and off.

Are there Pull ups bigger than 5t?

Pull-ups that are larger than 5t are referred to as bedwetting underwear and are available in sizes 5 and higher. Size XS accommodates children weighing 28-45 pounds.

When Should I Begin Toilet Training?

Between the ages of two and three, usually children will show an interest in toilet training. However, since each kid is unique, don’t be concerned if your child seems to be ahead of schedule or takes a little longer. Making toilet training a pleasurable experience for your kid is the best way to go. Forcing them to participate in the process will just make everyone agitated and frustrated.

Pull ups bigger than 5t – Final Verdict

Is your child growing older and began to use the bathroom but is unable to wake up from their night time sleep to do so? Don’t be concerned about them.

The pull-up bigger than 5t is created specifically to make your child learn for this big deal including both urine and potty at night by most brands out there without big difference. Goodnites and Pampers are the brands that will give you all of these advantages. Both manufacturers offer large-size pull-ups that will suit children weighing up to 50 kg.

Pull-ups Bigger than 5t are ideal for children and keep them dry at night(whole night probably). Pull-ups should be leak-proof and comfy for the infant to sleep in and stroll about in. You can quickly assess whether a certain brand of pull-ups will work for you.

It’s vital to remember that a baby’s skin is fragile, so be cautious while purchasing pull-ups.

New moms need to know how body works for their little one and note their other signs for making your baby potty trained. Cooling feature, five layers absorption are good to have.

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