201 Best middle names for Colette (cute & adorable)

middle names for colette

Welcome to one of the resources which contains some stunning middle names for Colette ideas.

I guess, in your search for a perfect baby girl name, Colette is the only one that caught your attention and made a special place in your heart.

And I totally agree with your choice. In fact, I would like to say your little daughter gonna have an awesome name that catches everyone’s attention and it is worth it.

But, a perfect second name is equally important to enhance the beauty of the first name and give a cute and pretty name combination.

Therefore, to help parents like you, I have gathered some middle names for Colette. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for some classy middle names for Colette or some trendy or short middle names I got you covered with some really cool ideas.

But before that, I would suggest you to have a look at the origin and meaning of this beautiful name before you finally jump into the popular middle names list.

Meaning and origin of Colette

The name Colette was derived from the European names or French word “Nicole” and this name Colette mean “People of Victory”.

Collette gained its first limelight after the French female author, actress, and journalist Sidonie Gabrielle Collette. 

Some of her worth mentioning work include Novella Giri.

Overall, Colette name is one of the most sophisticated name your little daughter gonna have which will have touch the Parisian flair.

In current times, Colette ranks in the 903rd position in the most popular baby name list.

Best middle names for Colette

Now, since you are aware of the origin and meaning of Colette, here is a list of unique middle names which you can choose from, 

  1. Colette Florine
  2. Colette Alice
  3. Colette Rosalie
  4. Colette Sophie
  5. Colette Annalise
  6. Colette Seraphina
  7. Colette Lydia
  8. Colette Hazel
  9. Colette Maialen
  10. Colette Luna
  11. Colette Seraphine
  12. Colette Magdalene
  13. Colette Rosaline
  14. Colette Alessandra
  15. Colette Rosalie
  16. Colette Amelie
  17. Colette Sylvia
  18. Colette Anastasia
  19. Colette Ingrid
  20. Colette Vivienne
  21. Colette Violaine
  22. Colette Geneva
  23. Colette Ottilie
  24. Colette Lysandra
  25. Colette Amandine
  26. Colette Amaria
  27. Colette Briony
  28. Colette Oriana
  29. Colette Arwen
  30. Colette Stella
  31. Colette Isobel
  32. Colette Nova
  33. Colette Zahara
  34. Colette Marcheline
  35. Colette Victoria
  36. Colette Helena
  37. Colette Amelie
  38. Colette Isadora
  39. Colette Blythe
  40. Colette Marigold
  41. Colette Ophelia
  42. Colette Mia
  43. Colette Valerie
  44. Colette Annabel
  45. Colette Lucille
  46. Colette Angeline
  47. Colette Laurel
  48. Colette Blythe
  49. Colette Hazel
  50. Colette Sabine
  51. Colette Emmeline
  52. Colette Aurora
  53. Colette Galilee
  54. Colette Amalia
  55. Colette Celia
  56. Colette Cecily
  57. Colette Freya
  58. Colette Felicienne
  59. Colette Eloise
  60. Colette Cecelia
  61. Colette Laurel
  62. Colette Eloise
  63. Colette Daisy
  64. Colette Willow
  65. Colette Esme
  66. Colette Marigold
  67. Colette Anastasia
  68. Colette Wisteria
  69. Colette Leocadia
  70. Colette Athanasia
  71. Colette Luna
  72. Colette Emilia
  73. Colette Natalie
  74. Colette Amaia
  75. Colette Audrey
  76. Colette Poppy
  77. Colette Natasha
  78. Colette June
  79. Colette Annabel
  80. Colette Evangeline
  81. Colette Seraphina
  82. Colette Carys
  83. Colette Meredith
  84. Colette Sterling
  85. Colette Sylvan
  86. Colette Julia
  87. Colette Fiona
  88. Colette Rosalie
  89. Colette Lucia
  90. Colette Sunniva
  91. Colette Aurelie/Aurelia
  92. Colette Eve
  93. Colette Maisy
  94. Colette Eulalia
  95. Colette Cynthia
  96. Colette Cecilia
  97. Colette Josephine
  98. Colette Mirielle
  99. Colette Isobel
  100. Colette Maeve/Maeva
  101. Colette Erin
  102. Colette Nadia
  103. Colette Theodora
  104. Colette Flora
  105. Colette Rosemary
  106. Colette Julianne
  107. Colette Elena
  108. Colette Anthea
  109. Colette Stellamaris
  110. Colette Permilia
  111. Colette Pearl
  112. Colette Francesca
  113. Colette Sophronia
  114. Colette Noelle
  115. Colette Vivian
  116. Colette Aurora
  117. Colette Aspen
  118. Colette Sabrina
  119. Colette Lillemor
  120. Colette Andromeda
  121. Colette Rosamund
  122. Colette Junia
  123. Colette Lucy
  124. Colette Honora
  125. Colette Carina
  126. Colette Madeleine/Madeline
  127. Colette Arabella
  128. Colette Evangeline
  129. Colette Ivy
  130. Colette Delilah
  131. Colette Aviva
  132. Colette Mara
  133. Colette Meadow
  134. Colette Josephine
  135. Colette Audrey
  136. Colette Wilhelmine
  137. Colette Bellamy
  138. Colette Miracle
  139. Colette Evangeline
  140. Colette Adeline
  141. Colette Diana
  142. Colette Seraphina/Seraphine
  143. Colette Araminta
  144. Colette Romelia
  145. Colette Avalon
  146. Colette Elodie
  147. Colette Helena
  148. Colette Junia
  149. Colette Josephine
  150. Colette Ruby
  151. Colette Freya
  152. Colette Gisella
  153. Colette Annika
  154. Colette Ximena/Jimena
  155. Colette Lavinia
  156. Colette Zara
  157. Colette Sadie
  158. Colette Heloise
  159. Colette Juniper
  160. Colette Delphine
  161. Colette Esmeralda
  162. Colette Artemis
  163. Colette Ruby
  164. Colette Anastasia
  165. Colette Hannah
  166. Colette Annabella
  167. Colette Veronique
  168. Colette Willa
  169. Colette Serena
  170. Colette Acacia
  171. Colette Jane
  172. Colette Juniper
  173. Colette Arabella
  174. Colette Ada
  175. Colette Atlanta
  176. Colette Nina
  177. Colette Penelope
  178. Colette Xanthippe
  179. Colette Willoughby
  180. Colette Amaya
  181. Colette Tatum
  182. Colette Symphony
  183. Colette Ivy
  184. Colette Magnolia
  185. Colette Amphelise
  186. Colette Eliana
  187. Colette Hestia
  188. Colette Adelina
  189. Colette Anya
  190. Colette Victoria
  191. Colette Sadie
  192. Colette Athena
  193. Colette Anais
  194. Colette Vivendel
  195. Colette Rhiannon
  196. Colette Olive
  197. Colette Diana
  198. Colette Natalie
  199. Colette Artemisia
  200. Colette Annabel
  201. Colette Mae

Unisex names for Colette

  • Colette Mackenzie
  • Colette Harper
  • Colette McKenna 
  • Colette Waverly
  • Colette Avery
  • Colette Juniper 

Similar names for Colette

Parents often like to explore other names which sound similar to that their chosen names. If you are stuck in any of that greed here is a list of similar baby girl names which might interest you.

  • Claire
  • Celeste
  • Violette
  • Odette
  • Klaire
  • Colt
  • Nicolette
  • Juliet
  • Arlette
  • Clare
  • Juliette
  • Collette
  • Scarlette
  • Paulette
  • Cosette
  • Charlette

How to Pick a Middle Name for your little girl

When choosing the right middle name for your children, you need to know your intentions. Are you willing to honor family heritage, or do you want to give a middle name to your child that sounds good with his/her first and last name?


There are various reasons to choose a middle name for your baby. Whether you want to honor the family by giving the baby your family’s name or if you want to convey a message with the baby’s name. Furthermore, you can honor your parents or grandparent by giving their name to your child’s middle name.

For instance, if your grandmother’s name was Elizabeth, then you can give it to your daughter as her middle name. You need to understand your intentions before giving a middle name to your baby.

Some parents give their children a middle name because it sounds nice between the last and first names. There are several names that sound good as first and last names, such as Ann, Lynn, and Jane.

Furthermore, you may be confused between two names for your child. In this case, you can give the first name you prefer more and the middle name you prefer slightly less.

How does it sound?

If the middle name is not sounding pleasant, it could be a bad idea to choose a middle name for your child. While choosing a middle name, make sure to understand and ask other family members how the middle name sounds.

Say it Loud

While choosing the middle name of your child, you need to make sure that it doesn’t sound different in real than on paper. Saying the middle name loud will help you understand how dramatic the name will sound.

Take Time

You need to ensure that you take as much time as possible to choose a perfect name. Look at all the varieties of names available and try to come up with a unique and meaningful one, so you or your child don’t regret it in the future.

Write it Down

When you are choosing the name, you need to write it on paper, and it should not look bizarre or unintended.

Heritage Celebration or Family Tradition

You need to choose between heritage celebration or family tradition. Some family has a father’s name as their middle name, while some celebrate their heritage y giving their child a related name.

4 Reasons to Pick a Middle Names for Colette 

The middle name you choose for your child may serve a number of purposes for your boy or baby girl. Your child’s middle name can express your personal thoughts about him/her.

#1 Balancing Out the Name: If your child’s first name and surname don’t sound good, you can balance out the names by giving him/her a middle name. For instance, if your baby’s first name is Moxie or Rainbow, then you can balance out the name by giving her a name that you like the most.

#2 Conveying a Beautiful Meaning: A middle name is not just a name, but it is a way to carry out your feeling and expressions towards your child. If you like a middle name that has a beautiful meaning, then it would be better. Middle names like Gertrude, Ralph, and Stale are some good middle names for boys.

#3 Improve the Flow: If your child has a name that is not easy to pronounce, then people will neglect to take the name. Instead, they will call him/her something else. So it would be advisable to choose an easy middle name so that it can improve the flow.

#4 Better Choose Two than One: If your child doesn’t have a surname and only has a single name, then it may not sound good. So, you can give your child a middle name that works. In the British Royal family, most people have only two names: first and middle name, i.e., Prince George.

Famous people names

Some of the notable people who achieved a lot of success in their life in the field of acting, music, art, anchor or influencers or sports have the same name, Colette.

  1. Colette Carr – The famous American Singer and Rapper
  2. Collette Hiller -The famous American Actress
  3. Gabrielle Colette- The famous French Author
  4. Colette Duval -The famous French Actress

Sister names for Colette

  • Audrey
  • Celeste
  • Emmeline
  • Mirabel / Mirabelle
  • Rosalind
  • Felicity
  • Phoebe
  • Adeline
  • Adelaide
  • Esme
  • Celine
  • Clarisse / Clarissa
  • Coralie
  • Madeleine
  • Helene
  • Emilia
  • Noelle
  • Calista / Callista
  • Amalia
  • Evelina
  • Elodie
  • Eloise
  • Elena
  • Vivienne
  • Amelie
  • Maeve

Brother names for Colette

  •  Sullivan
  • Phillip
  • Jackson
  • Jasper
  • Gerard
  • Darrell
  • Casper
  • Lyndon
  • Robin
  • Cormac
  • Jacques
  •  Bentley
  • Emmett
  •  Andrew
  • Beckett
  • Michel
  • Denis
  • Lincoln
  •  Holden
  • Hudson
  •  Atticus
  • Kent
  • Gregory
  • Cary
  • Terence
  •  Declan
  • Everett
  • Monte
  • Kurt 

Final Thoughts on middle names for Colette 

In the end, I am at least confident that you have chosen the middle names for Colette from this classic names list of ideas provided by me. 

However, if the answer is negative, what is it stopping you from reading the post once again?

Just remember, a sweet name and great middle names are the most precious gift a parents give to their children which stays with them for life long,

Do give it a share with your family and friends to help them in choosing a familiar middle name Colette as well.


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