7 Simple steps on: How to paint a baby crib safely?

When a cute little soul join and complete your family, the first thing which you might look for him/her is a natural set of high quality and comfortable baby furnitures rather than looking for how to paint a baby crib. This is to make yourself clear that the baby is in the comfort zone totally.

How to paint a baby crib
How to paint a baby crib

Eventually, A perfect baby crib is part of the baby’s comfort zone which will ensure for the safety sleep of your baby over the upcoming few years. But the thing what you might be missing is the color of the crib.

Though there are various variety of colors offered by the top crib producing brands, but many a times the color of the nursery and crib differ a lot. Meanwhile, you do have the option to go and get a custom build crib with your desired design and color but trust me it would cost you much more than a ready made one.

So, what is the solution for this? Well there is always a loop for every problems and so do this one.

The steady and simple rule is to paint the baby crib yourself, its the old DIY rule. You might be thinking about the complexities of handling all the brushes and paint, but trust me this work is just a cup of tea.

But before you finally move on, painting your baby’s crib. You might be wondering can a baby cribs be painted. Right?

Well here is the answer.

Can you paint a baby Crib?

can you paint a baby crib
can you paint a baby crib

The answer is Yes, ofcourse. You can easily paint your baby crib with your desired color and with no exceptions. Moreover, there are not much technicality in it, just you need to be focused and follow the steps given below to succesfully paint your baby cribs and get the ultimate solution of, how to safely paint a baby cribs.

Moreover, if you going to use a used cribs gifted from your relatives or family members which they had bought and might not need it anymore. The best solution is tp paint the cribs to get of the damage, dullness and shipping stress it had undergone. Eventually, this will also make your cribs look like a new one.

Step by step guide on How to paint a baby crib or How to repaint crib

Before we move on the step by step guide for developing a brand new baby crib, you make ensure the safety of your baby above all.

So, whenever you go to get the paint stuff, you must make sure that the paint you bought must be:

  • Non-toxic
  • zero VOC
  • odorless
  • baby safe all round

Once you ensure these, here are the fun steps to follow in a fun way to give your cute little baby a fun little new crib.

Procedure to follow for making your existing crib a brand new one

1. Remove all sort of dirt and grime

how to safely paint a baby crib
How to paint a baby crib

Make use of smooth and clean cloth to remove all the particles of dirt and grime from the surface of the crib very neatly. You must ensure that the surface is complete free of dirt( even a small minute dirt particle is cleaned up) before you apply paint on it, else it gonna give problems afterwards. You can also get some furniture cleaner for better cleaning depending on the condition of the crib.

2.Sand the wood

We you get the paint stuff make sure you get some sand papers along with it. This will help you to remove the existing paint of the crib and make the inner part of the wood more visible. It is needed for for the new paint to fit better on the wood. Though the quality and manufacturing process of crib differ from one brand to another, so you will need to sand the wood depending on the current condition of it. But make sure you sand it until it get rid of all sort of existing paint on its surface.

Eventually, you must also ensure that the surface is smooth after you use the san paper on the crib surface. Remember the more the inner surface of the wood is exposed and smooth in nature the more the bond of the color and the wood will be compatible.

3. Clean the remaining sanding dust

Once you are done with the scrubbing , make use of a simple microfiber damp cloth to get rid of all the sanding dust from the surface of the crib. Pay special attention to the corners of the crib as those are more likely to contain those sand dust leftover. Remember any remaining of that sand dust can ruin the texture of the paint and the appearance for the baby crib as well. So, understand the vitality of this step.

4. Select your desiring color

This is the most vital step of this process and choosing the right baby friendly non toxic paint( as informed earlier) is even more vital.

If you want my suggestion, I would recommend you to go with the Renaissance’s furniture paint which is:

  • Non-toxic in nature
  • Non volatile in nature
  • Has zero emissions
  • Offers wide range if color and is completely ideal paint fully safe for baby.

Get those paints is excess amount as you might  run out of paint when you are painting the crib, which would pose you a great problem. On the other hand, if you are left with extra paint, you might go for another layer of paint and make it use in other DIY paint project.

5. Make use of small to medium sized brush of paint

I recommend you to get a few medium sized and few small sized nylon paint bush as the surface area of a baby crib is quite less than comapred with that of a table. Moreover, there are critical small parts attached with  a crib which is impossible to reach with medium sized paint brush and can only be painted with small brushes.

6. Apply the first coat of paint

How to repaint crib
How to repaint crib

One you are sorted, go for the first paint coat, all over the surface of the exposed wood in a up down gentle and even way. Don’t do it in a hurry, as it might disturb the regulariuty of your paint and left small pores on the crib. Once done, leave it for 4-5 hours and apply for the 2nd coat of paint.

Though some paints like the Renaissance ( as recommended above) don’t need any 2nd coat but you can go for it, to get a better texture and a smooth long lasting solid color.

7. Keep it still for a night to dry

Modern days paint do dry within few hours with no odour of paint in it, but to be on the safe side leave it still to dry for a night with open window and good air circulation. But you must make sure to check the level before you make use of it. This to ensure that the paint is completely dry with no odour for the safety of the baby

Ending statement

We hope to see your custom painted baby cribs soon, if you do share the image in the comment section. Also your experience is highly valuable. If you know someone, who became a newly mother and wondering how to paint a baby crib, feel free to share this valuable information with her as well.

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