16+Best Single mom songs to listen to overcome weakness

Single mom songs
Single mom songs

The context of emotion and a song are parallel and far beyond explanation. Especially when you are a single mom and lack certain self-confidence. The influence a song can make is huge as compared to that of a motivational book. Besides being a single mom is not an easy task. Therefore, here are the collection of 15 top rated single mom songs to increase your willpower and make you strong again.

Maybe these single mom songs may make you cry in addition to pumping you up with inner strength. As the context of stories in motherhood may differ from one to another all of them do have some moments portrayed beautifully.

Here is those heart touching single mother songs, you must go and check.

15 Single Mom Songs collection for an instant emotional relief

1. The Strong one

Song by: American County Music artist Clint Black

Released date: 2007

Music album: The Long cool EP

The song is a classic example of realizing a mother of her nature as a strong, awesome and independent mother.

2. God speed( sweet dreams)

Song by: Dixie Chicks

Released date: 2002

Music album: Home

This song will visualize the memories you have and going to have with your kids.

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3. Love is all around

Song by: Wet wet wet (English rock band), Lyrics: Reg Presley

Released date: 1995

Album: Picture this

As suggested from its name ” Love is all around”. It beautifully verifies the meaning of love being the mother of small kids.

4. Baby Mama

Song by: American Singer Fantasia

Released date: 3rd May 2005

Music album: Free Yourself

This song is ironic with its name “Baby Mama” and inspires the life and hustle of single mothers out there.

5. You’re gonna be

Song by: Reba McEntire ( An American Country Music Artist)

Released date: September of 2005

Music album:  Not known

This song highlights the struggle a single mother pass through her life after getting pregnant at a young age.

6. Rockabye

Song by: Clean Bandit ( featuring Sean Paul and Anne Marie)

Released date: Not known

Music album: Not known

This song is all about, how courageous a Single mother be in her life while struggling with the uneven circumstances that could hardly be expressed in words. Basically, its a tribute to the motherhood.

7. Thanks for my child

Song by: Cherly Pepsii Riley

Released date: 1988

Album: not known

This song actually appears to be the voice of all the single mother out there with a shade of sorrow in their eyes.

8. A little bit stronger

Song by: Sara Evans ( An American Country Music Artist)

Released date: 2010

Music Album: Country Strong

This song is the visualization of a mother staying strong inspite of all the hustle and problems she faced and never giving up !!

9. Tougher than a man

Song by: Cowboy Crush (An American Country Music Band)

Released date: Not known

Music Album: Not known

This single mom songs is all about the uncertainity of being a single mom at an young age and still hoping for the best and struggling with the problems. This song is solely dedicated to those single moms.

This all shows how tougher a single mother can be in comparison with that of a man.

10. She didn’t have a time

Song by: Terrie Clark ( A Canadian Country Music Artist)

Released date: July, 2005

Music Album: Life goes off

This single mom songs beautifully portrayed the sacrifice a mother make for her little kid and how those sacrifices turn into happiness in the end and return to her altogether.

11. Waterproof mascare

Song by :Sheryl Crow

Released date: 2013

Music Album: Feels like Home

This song is dedicated to a single mother who stayed string neglecting all the problems and struggle , just for her son.

12. Keep Ya Head Up

Song by: Tupac Thakur

Released date: 1993

Music Album: Strictly for my N.

This song shows how tough days can a single mother face in her life just to keep her kid safe.

13. Two black cadillacs

Song by: Carrie Underwood ( An American Recording Artist)

Released date: Not known

Music Album: Blown Away

This song is the example of the lives of two str0ng mother, and is being expressed via the beautiful lyrics of this rap song.

14. Pawn shop blues

Song by: Lana Del Rey and David Kahne ( written and recorded)

Released date: January 2010

Music Album: Lana Del Ray

Leaving the past and reacting to those memories is what primarily focused in this single mom songs.

15. Somebody’s hero

Song by: Jamie O’Neal ( An Australian Country Music Artist0)

Released date: April of 2005

Music Album: Brave

This single mom songs focuses on revealing how strong a bond could exist between a mother and her daughter.

16. I am a Survivor

Song by: Reba McEntire

Release Date :

It is one of the most famous songs for single moms to gain strength and Reba McEntire is one of the most favorite country singers.

This song beautifully displays the strength of a girl who took birth at an early time period with the possibility of not surviving this world. But the time and her willpower proved it wrong, She grew up with all her willpower and dedication and raised her children’s like other single mothers while doing a struggling job.

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