5 Best overnight pull ups for heavy wetters [2022 Reviews]

Best overnight pull ups for heavy wetters
Best overnight pull ups for heavy wetters

Finding both your baby and his/her bed soaked in urine in the morning is quite frustrating for the first-time mother. It is you who feels bad due to the incapability of your as you are unable to keep your baby away from the cold night. A dry night comfortable sleep is on the wishlist of every parent which they want to offer to their cute little baby.

Meanwhile, a contradiction may arise in your mind regarding the amount of urination by your baby or the lack of absorbency of the pull-ups. Additionally, it can be quite challenging to find pull-ups that are both leakproof and super absorbent at the same time.

But this challenge is already tackled by us and here are the ultimate best overnight pull ups for heavy wetters list. Go through this in-depth guide if you don’t want your child to wake up in a wet bed. However, you must choose a suitable size as well.

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If you are short on time, here are my top 3 recommendations,

  1. Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear for Heavy Wetters
  2. Huggies Pull-Ups Night-time Training pants
  3. Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants

Have some time? Read the detailed analysis and experiences of why these are the Best overnight pull ups for heavy wetters with their related pros and cons.

Best overnight pull ups for heavy Wetters Reviews

1. Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants

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Pampers easy ups can be the best choice if you are searching for training pants that are great substitutes for regular underwear and at the same time has awesome absorbency.

Additionally, it is also equipped with a 360 degrees super stretchy waistband that won’t give you any extra tension in its fitting around your child’s waist. However, it still gives comfort enough to your baby for an easy pull-up and down unlike the Huggies pull-ups that come with Velcro sides that had to be opened up in the midway.

The sides can be easily ripped, if you don’t feel like pulling them down while changing.

Pampers will never fail to impress you with leak protection and absorbency. That is why it is trusted by mothers as it makes sure that the baby enjoys a comfortable leak-proof night. This pampers easy ups comes with an additional liquid absorbing channel that soaks the excess liquid in it.

To stop leakage it even has a dual leak guard around the thighs, which will give the baby a completely dry and comfortable night sleep.

Moreover, there is a plus point as well. The pamper’s upper layer is made of cotton-like silky soft material for the utmost comfort. They even have boy’s and girl’s favorite fun characters in them. Therefore, this is the best comfortable fitting leak-proof absorbent pull-ups you could find in the market.

This will self help your baby during the night with a comfortable night’s sleep. However, these pampers won’t embrace your baby as well due to their similarity with the underwear.


  • Its waistband fits in comfortably and comes with 360-degree stretchy fittings.
  • For leakage protection, it has dual leak guards.
  • For excess liquid, it has extra absorbing channels.


  • The sides are Non-refasten-able.

My Opinion on Best overnight pull ups for heavy wetters:

According to my, these Pampers Easy Ups night training pants are the best substitution of underwear look and best functioning for super absorbent with zero leakage thus a peaceful night sleep for your baby.

2. Huggies Pull-Ups Night-time Training pants

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Huggies Pull-Ups Night-time training pants are best suited for toddlers who lack the proper potty training or faces leakage through diapers overnight. The ease of Velcro sides and fun design of these Huggies pull-ups provide the most opening ease and the absorbent present in them provides more liquid absorption as co9mpared to other pull-ups.

This pull-up is designed to give your baby a leak-proof experience and a dry night experience. Like the Pampers pull-ups, it is also equipped with adequate absorbent to soak the liquid in the front and bottom part especially. This makes Your baby free to drink an extra glass of milk even before going to bed.

The Huggies removal is not too tough as well. The inbuild elasticity gives it excess ease of pull up and down even if your baby is in a hurry. The refasten-able easy velcro sides opening gives a plus point in daytime care.

While putting it on your baby the ripping open functionality won’t give you much problem.

The printed cute designs present on the Huggies pull-ups and made for fun for the babies and are almost similar to Pampers pull-ups as well. Eventually, they are available for both girls and boys. For boys, they have printed characters from Disney and for Girls, they have characters from the princess cartoons printed in them. This increases the sparkling conversation with your little baby during bedtime.

I am sure, you will definitely fall in love with the Huggies pull-ups nighttime pants due to the easy opening sides, printed characters designs, and most importantly the enhanced absorbent. So, go for it after you get the perfect size for a compact fitting.


  • Contains more absorbent than other normal pull-ups.
  • Velcro sides are present
  • Contains printed cute character designs


  • It may be scratchy for babies with sensitive skin due to the presence of Velcro.

My Opinion Best overnight pull ups for heavy wetters:

It won’t disappoint you if your main concern lies in having pull-ups that don’t leak and are meant to keep your baby dry all night.

3. Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear for Heavy Wetters

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The age a toddler is trained for potty training differs from one individual to another. Some toddlers learn it in early-stage some learn it later on. However, if it gets too late it could be a major problem as there hardly exist any big-size bedwetting pull-ups. The max size is 5T by most of the brands.

Until and unless you come across the Goodnites Bedwetting underwear which is designed to make your child relieve from embarrassment and get out of the bed in the morning with confidence.

The plus point associated with this Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear is the presence of 5 layers of super absorbing capacity with the leakproof double leak guard that is meant to get rid of any type of leaks while your baby sleep peacefully.

These Goodnites bedwetting underwear are good to go with babies, doesn’t matter whether he/she is a tummy sleeper or a side sleeper. It is also equipped with odor locking absorption which absorbs the smell of urine as well.

Goodnites brand makes its pull-up available in two different designs for girls and boys. The boy’s pull-up type comes with extra padding on the front side to adjust for the difference in anatomy and is equipped with superheroes design printed on them.

On the fitting ground, these Goodnites pull-ups are extra stretchy to make the fit comfortable and come under 3 sizes including XS-S (28-45 Lbs), S-M ( 38-65 lbs), L-XL (over 60 lbs).

Babies who have outgrown 5T pull-ups can go with Goodnites pull-ups. Additionally, the booster pads for enhanced absorbency are inbuild thus you don’t need to spend extra dollars.

The leak-proof extra absorbent layers with perfect fittings are provided for perfection in these Goodnites pull-ups.


  • 5 Layered super absorbent protection present
  • Material is soft and form-fitting types.
  • The smell of urine can also be absorbed due to odor locking technology
  • Can be used by older bedwetting kids as well.


  • Quite expensive if compared with other pull-ups.
  • Smaller sizes are not available.

My Opinion best overnight disposable diapers for heavy wetters:

If your baby required size of 5T or above it and hasn’t mastered potty training this is the best product you could find in the market. Besides absorbing the liquid and its smell it will also offer an embarrassing less morning.

4. Pampers Underjams Disposable Bedtime Underwear for Girls

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The Pampers Underjams are built with a cloth-like material that doesn’t squish when it is worn and this discreet specialty makes it the first choice for many mothers. Additionally, these pull-ups are completely camouflaged types ( doesn’t come into notice easily) due to the low waist presence. This is the ultimate idea to keep the bigger kids away from embarrassment who haven’t acquired the potty training yet.

Pampers Underjams will keep of out of stress as they won’t let your baby get wet and will offer her a dry night’s sleep. As it comes with nightlock technology feature which eradicates the wetness quickly to leave the topmost layer of the pull-ups dry. Moreover, it is completely skin-friendly and it appears as underwear to the baby.

For extra wetness protection, it also offers an ultra-absorbent core. Hence, this Pampers Underjams is a mixture of all the features including discreet, soft, and extra layer absorbent, and must be the first choice of every mom.


  • Presence of ultra-absorbent core
  • Presence of discreet cloth-like material
  • For dry core, it offers a night lock featuring technology


  • It has well absorbent but still, it’s not the greatest absorbency

My opinion best overnight diapers for heavy wetters:

This is best suited for the child who has sensitive skin as it comes with a cloth-like feeling. Additionally, The night lock technology offers eradication of wetness faster than other pull-ups.

5. Spoosie Booster Pads

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Once you went through all the Pull-ups brands mentioned above and lost your hope due to leakage, these Spoosie Booster Pads would be the ultimate pull-ups you should go with. The presence of extra Absorbent in these Pull-ups makes it worthy to stop every possible leakage your baby could have while experiencing a good night’s sleep.

As long as you don’t get your baby potty trained this pull-up would be his/her best companion. This will not only prevent leakage but will also minimize your laundry charges which you have to pay.

Spoosie Booster Pad is available in both adhesive and non-adhesive versions and they come up to size 6. It will definitely minimize the liquid they consume before bed to get out of there fast.


  • Pull-ups which provide an extra amount of absorbency
  • Comes in sizes up to 6.
  • Provides adhesive and non-adhesive choices to the moms to choose which fits perfectly for their baby.

My Opinion best pull up diapers for nighttime:

This product would be the best choice once you have tested various pull-ups for your baby and are disappointed with them for the Leakage. It will eventually lower your laundry cost as well. A strong absorbing power offered in these pull-ups makes it worthy to choose.

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Best overnight pull ups for heavy wetters : Buying Guide

  • Size & Fit: 

Size and fit are one of the most important aspects a Mom needs to take in mind while choosing the leakproof Best overnight pull-ups for heavy wetters. This is because, those pull-ups which don’t fit accurately tend to produce rashes, irritation, and redness in your toddler’s skin and sometimes it can even cut your baby’s skin.

The range of 2T to 5T is considered the most common size of pull-ups and therefore it will be easy for you to find the perfect fitted pull-up for your baby as this size is flooded in the market.

A perfect pull-up is tight enough to stay fixed in its position and doesn’t move down easily but at the same time, it won’t be too tight to produce irritation to the toddler. Additionally, it should bend with the baby as they move around like a 2-4 years baby is usually a playful soul.

One important point which you should note is that the fit and size of pull-ups between brands are most probably to change. For example, Huggies may fit well for your younger baby but at the same time pampers may have a better fit for the older one. Few trials could make your experience enough to sort out the correct fit.

  • Absorbency

Some brands focus more on fittings whereas some tend to offer more absorbency. However, according to some moms, diapers offer more leak protection than designed pull-ups. But at the same time, a highly enhanced absorbent pull-up with the right fittings can give the best outcomes.

So, primarily for Best overnight pull-ups for heavy wetters absorbency and fittings is the only key. They have extra night protection to keep your baby dry all night.

Meanwhile, you should also note that a bigger baby demands more absorbent pull-ups. As a bigger baby releases more liquid than a smaller one the quantity of absorbent(bigger bladder) required by him/her should be more.

  • Fastener

Fasteners are provided in many pull-ups whereas some lack them too. In that cases, your child is capable of pulling it up and down according to his/her need. Likewise, many pull-ups come with easy side pulls and it won’t be a problem until and unless your baby mess with it. However, a pull-up with a tear-away side makes its cleanup damm easy.

A fastener pull-ups should be your best choice if your baby goes to daycare as those daycare centers don’t wish to go through complete undress and redress your baby all time that requires a new pull-up.

Questions based on Best overnight pull ups for heavy wetters

  • Are pampers easy ups good for Overnight?

Pampers easy-ups would be best for overnight due to the presence of the best absorbent and comfortable fittings at the same time.

  • Are pull ups more Absorbent than Diapers?

According to other Moms, pull-ups are generally less absorbent than diapers. The main reason behind this is to urge the baby for faster potty training by giving the baby a wet feeling. But some pull-ups like Goodnites provide complete dryness due to the presence of super absorbent to those older kids who didn’t master the training.

  • Do pull ups confuse potty training?

The answer to this is no. Offering the baby with pull-ups once he/she passed through diapers is a stage towards the potty training process itself and by no medium does it confuse the toddler. Although, it all demands the learning process of your baby and your personal preference.

  • Which is better Pampers Easy ups or Huggies Pull ups?

Pampers Easy ups offer fittings and feel of regular underwear whereas the Huggies pull-ups are dedicated for the daycares by its easy opening offered from its velcro sides. On this basis, I would vote for Pampers Easy Ups for its fittings and easily pull up & down on the comparison with Huggies pull-ups.

  • What is the largest size of Pampers pull ups?

5T is the largest pull-ups size which is suited for kids of 38lbs or above. Once your baby crosses that size you have to move towards choosing bedwetting underwear for your baby that is offered by brands like Goodnites or Underjams. They have size 6 and above as well.

  • Are Goodnites better than Pull ups?

Of course, Goodnites are much better than pull-ups due to the presence of leak guards and an additional absorbent layer. But they are suited for babies who require the size of 5T or above. Here is an absorption comparison video you can relate.

Final Verdict on Best overnight pull ups for heavy wetters

Toddlers who lack proper potty training pass through the problem of waking up in a wet bed in the morning. Though their confidence remains high in the night at bedtime it may fall when they wake up in a wet bed if they aren’t provided with the best overnight pull ups for heavy wetters.

Both Huggies Overnight Pull-ups and Pampers easy Pull-ups can be great for them due to the velcro easy-open sides in Huggies and 360-degree comfortability fittings in Pampers. However, it won’t fit for bigger toddlers. In that case, your only choice is the Goodnites Bedwetting underwear, and trust me they don’t compare with quality as well.


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