5 Best college degrees for Single Moms in 2022

5 Best college degrees for Single Moms
Best college degrees for Single Moms

Being a single mother is not a cup of tea. It involves taking care not only of yourself but also of your baby. This can be worst when time is tough and who knows better than a single mom facing these hurdles all alone. The lack of proper care and failure to provide proper nutrition to their baby urge those broken single moms to find themselves a full-time job.

However, the problems don’t end here. Many single moms still fail to meet the basic needs of their babies due to their lack of certain high-paying education qualifications which is essential to secure a good job.

So, what is the ultimate key in this situation?

It’s quite simple. Attending a school and securing a perfect degree can easily get you out of the stressful life crisis and lead you towards a prosperous life for both you as a single mom and your cute baby.

However, single moms still lack certain awareness regarding the appropriate college which is bound to get them a high-paying job. That is why this post is designed to give you complete in-depth knowledge and guidance related to the 10 Best college degrees for Single Moms.

So, let’s dive into the single mom’s best college degree list without wasting further time.

Best college degrees for Single Moms

1. Paralegal Studies

A paralegal is as clear from its word as some assistance for legal matters. Primarily, it involves taking proper care of lawyers day to day business. They perform various legal procedures and prepare for mediation and trials.

For drafting arguments and analyzing cases Laweys usually rely on Paralegal and therefore the most important prerequisite for this job is a strong and clear understanding of the Law.

Additionally, from the single mother’s point of view, this can be a golden career option due to the regular hours and work from home availability which in fact can be beneficial for parenting and motherhood as well. However, paralegals do need to work for extra time during important court cases but flexible scheduling will be mostly provided by most of the Law firms to ensure the work-life balance of their workers.

In 2022, There are numerous courses and programs which offer Paralegal training and before hiring a paralegal Lawyers do request formal training as well. So, as a single mom if you have an interest in this field paralegal study can be a wise choice for you.

The best part of this study is that it can be completed totally online with a duration of only 2 years. So, as a struggling single mom, you don’t need to wait for long to get into this new career.

2. Accounting

Accounting is never out of demand and owning an accounting degree is a step towards having a prosperous life for both a single mom and her baby due to the various opportunities of jobs available under this career section. It comes in the 2nd position of our  Best college degrees for Single Moms list.

This career option is especially suited for those who are fond of playing with numbers and figures and is a business-like demeanor. Certified Public Accountant can be a great choice and position for this, which will offer both flexibility and awesome deals in your life.

Accounting as a degree program prepares students via Unifrom CPA Examination, which is essential for licensure. An accountant is bound to experience excellent future growth and opportunities. This is a golden way especially for those single mothers who can handle the coursework.

A clear advancement path is also associated with Accounting. An associate degree in Business or accounting is enough for a single mother to begin her work. Once you are indulged in this field of accounting, you could possibly find many other companies who are ready to the fee for your further studies. Thus, this won’t give you extra financial headaches once you are choosing to advance in your career.

Additionally, combined Bachelor’s and Master’s in accounting programs are also offered by many schools which lets students gain advanced undergraduate coursework on their completion of graduate degrees.

It can be beneficial for Moms who are too busy with their schedules.

3. Opticianry

Helping people who need glasses and contact recommendations, lenses, adjustment of frames, and lens preparation are the main aim of Dispensing Opticians and occupy the 3rd place of our Best college degrees for Single Moms list.

In fact they something also involve in taking perfect measurements for the perfect fit of glasses in their customer’s faces. It only needs some degree of skill in sales. Single Moms who are attracted to work in an environment full of cleanliness and owning good interaction skills are perfected suited to be Dispensing Opticians.

An Opticinary degree can be completed in two years time frame and after that, the enrolled students will receive accreditation of Dispensing Opticians.

It is important to note, that this Optiianry career demands hand-on training and therefore all the classes take place during the business hours. However, you will still get enough time to prepare your children for school and enjoy the evening with your family, when you don’t add extra plans to your schedule.

Many times, Accreditation is not required and Employers are preferred on the basis of licensure, therefore it is essential to obtain an Opticianry degree above all. You can happily replace the retiring workers or the job seat is vacant. Moms who hold proper credentials should get the place happily and won’t get in lack of work again.

4. Physician Assistant

The work of a Physician Assistant is clear from its word. However, if you don’t know, Physician Assistants practice medicine under the guidance and supervision of a physician and many times also perform sophisticated tasks includi9ng examining patients and treating them as well.

You will need only two years of postgraduate study to acquire a PA degree which is much lesser than joining a medical school.

Recently, graduated PAs are well compensated in this job which is nearly $75,000 per year. The prospects of this job are good especially in the regions or communities where the ratio of doctors is much lesser than that of patients.

A single mom having a PA degree will be capable enough to offer happiness to a family that is out of financial crisis and residing she would be having a respected position as well.

On the basis of medical training, a professional PA is free to choose the working hours and location of her job which fits best for her family. Moms having small babies prefer working as per time and transform it full-time once their baby gets older or independent.

5. Health Information Technician( HIT)

The demand for Health Information Technicians has increased drastically as the need for medical records and health information reaches its peak. That is why Moms having the HITs degree will be in demand as well.

A person having proper credentials is always preferred by employers, and that is where the vitality of Health Information Technicians comes into play.

They work are mostly employed in Medical billing, keeping records and data, etc. Additionally, HITs professionals are also responsible for making vital information available to doctors and keeping them secret for others..

Seeing the technical sophistication of medicine nowadays, this job can be included as a responsible and important job and the competent HITs are considered highly valuable.

This career can be a great kickstart for those mothers who dreamed to work in a medical field but lacks sufficient time to complete the graduation as well as post-graduation degree. A HIT degree is the shortest path to fulfill their medical field working dream.

The majority of HIT works can be completed remotely, so employers accommodate high-performing employees in negotiation with the work from home hours.

With this, our  Best college degrees for Single Moms comes to an end.

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