5 Best cat proof bassinet [keep your cat away]


cat proof bassinet

A pet like Cat completes our whole family and we do love them a lot. Some American families even give their pet cat the privilege to sleep in their bedroom and nothing wrong with it.

But you as a Mom need to be cautious especially when you have a cat and at the same time, you are expecting a baby.

The first consideration would be to get a cat proof bassinet for your precious one. It is to ensure your little soul’s safety.

However, getting a perfect cat proof bassinet won’t be a hard task. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to keep your cat away from that the bassinet you gonna have should have a sturdy canopy structure that must not cave in.

This is to maintain your baby’s safety when the cat jumps on the bassinet top.

A portable bassinet cover can be worthy to protect your baby from the pet cat as well.

Those bassinet covers are usually bottomless so that they can be placed on the top of an open bassinets to keep the pet cat far and overall it acts similar to a cat-proof one.

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  1. Baby Delight Go with me slumber Portable rocking bassinet
  2. Dream on Me Karley Bassinet
  3. Delta children EX fold bedside bassinet

Best Cat Proof Bassinet for 2022 Review

Dream on Me Karley Bassinet

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Safety from cats comes from the sturdiness of the bassinets and it can be fulfilled by this brilliant Dream on Me Karley Bassinet furniture which keep various styles as well. Parents just love it and it’s clear from their 2000 positive reviews.

The main reason for this is the tough build double canopy cover that can easily keep your cat away from bugs as well as your cute little baby.

Additionally, it comes with a bottom hammock as well which can be used to store baby items or a cat spot. Thus you don’t need to keep them away from the bassinet through if the cat is active during the day.

This furniture bassinet can be easily folded with a quick folding mechanism that too without the implementation of any tool.

Moreover, at the time of its assembling, it doesn’t require any sort of tool either. The lightweight built-in aluminum frame makes it a portable bassinets.

If you belong to those parents or parents community who are searching for a portable as well as an extra secure bassinet for your little one then it would be no one other than this one.

Additionally, it offers 9 color variants, thus again it leaves choices for designing the perfect colored nursery for your baby.

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  • The double canopy structure is sturdy enough to keep your cat away
  • It can be folded very quickly due to the folding mechanism
  • It is very spacious for your little one to sleep.


  • Features like height adjustment and rocking are missing in this bassinet.

My Opinion:

The Dream on me bassinet furniture comes under the lightweight category and should be your first choice on baby arrives before cats love and it has double canopy cat-proof protection.

Apart from that if your main concern lies between a stylish bassinet to a spacious one this can keep the best deal for you. This product won’t let you think twice about how to keep the cat out of sight.

Baby Delight Go with Me Slumber Portable Rocking Bassinet

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Delight go with me slumber cat bassinet furniture was the first choice for me when I was looking for a cat proof bassinet that offers super features and aesthetic value at the same time. Eventually, this should be your choice as well, if you are looking for the same to keep. Unlike the normal bassinet, this one has that sleek modern design that we all crave.

Apart from that the height position adjustment, canopy, and net removal are some of the features included in this cool cat bassinet. It even offers an adjustment position up to 6 with a height adjustment position of 17” and the lowest adjustment position of 13″ above the ground.

The best part of this product is the double canopy and net removal during cleaning and excellent fabric. Moreover, to make it baby-friendly the sides are made up of soft pads and the product itself contains enough place for the baby to be comfortable.  For storage or travel purpose you can easily fold it within a few seconds without training.


  • The double canopy can be easily removed while cleaning it during cats fur removable time.
  • Spacious for the baby or the little one to sleep comfortably.
  • Adjustable height with 6 height options
  • modern sleek design
  • Soft cotton-like pads sides perfect for a newborn.
  • keep your pets cat away in house without training.


  • It is a bit expensive but can worth seeing your baby’s face

My Opinion:

Go with this, if you are looking for a complete baby-friendly one against your cats, and for your baby to rock. Besides cat protection it also provides portability thus it can therefore be used for outdoors and other travel uses without training foil.

Delta Children EZ Fold Bedside

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Delta Children EZ Fold Bedside Bassinet is a great cat proof bassinet for those parents who lack a big house and at the same time don’t want to compromise with the item as well. This bassinet is a compact item that can be folded flat. This might be great news for some Moms as they can keep their babies in front of their eyes and can be assumed it is a bedside sleeper bassinet to keep your cat far.

Doesn’t matter whether you have a curious cat or a gentle one, this item is great for all. The Double canopy is capable enough to keep the cat pets away from snuggling in your cute little baby.

This is great of Travel Mama’s as well. As it is convenient enough to offer much ease with the assembling and at the same time don’t comprise with the protection. Additionally, it even offers a cute carry case with it as well.


  • It offers the folding functionality needed
  • Great for small space homes due to its great compactness and keeping your baby’s face happy against cat through cats protection.
  • Highly enhanced double canopy for protection.
  • Keep your cat far from your baby.


  • Not enough space for a larger baby to sleep and little on the smaller side, and less protection if your have many cats.

My Opinion:

The headache of bassinet handling doesn’t lie with this bassinet due to the easy-to-use and fold-up functionality with proper cats protection. Eventually, it is great for small homes so it won’t consume much space and are lightweight so good to be carried with. It won’t let cats come near.

Dream on Me Lotus Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper

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I can hardly find any Bassinet or any alternatives that go well for C- section Moms other than Dream on Me Lotus Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper. This bassinet is capable enough to minimize the working movement of Moms by taking care of their babies right after doing their work done. Thus they can offer you the needed rest as well as cats protection.

This bassinet is spacious as well which can easily comfortable a toddler. The plus point in this bassinet is that it has sides that are made of mesh fabric to regulate free airflow. It even offers bedside adjustment up to 5. Therefore, you will be eligible to set it to your desired height for the baby care during your resting time without foil.

Apart from that, the rectangular storage provided under this bassinet is big enough to store all the necessary baby items. Moreover, it can be folded with ease and offers a carry bag during the purchase for traveling purposes.

Hence, you don’t need to add an extra traveling bassinet to your budget when you have already bought this great valuable bassinet already.


  • Perfect bassinet for C sections Moms without any risk to keep baby near.
  • Provided with easy to adjust height functionality
  • Have a storage chamber under it for storing essential baby products.
  • Sturdy Double Canopy to withstand the pressure exerted by cats.
  • Serves both the purpose of co-side sleepers and a bassinet without a baby monitor.


  • It is pricey for a baby’s room compatible design.

My Opinion:

If you wish to look into your baby or your baby’s room while you are at rest after the C-section, then there is no alternative other than this bassinet can cover. I highly recommend you to go with it if you are okay with the qualifying purchases price and room space.

Comfy Bumpy Travel Bassinet for Baby

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If you doubt your cat’s strength and wish to get a super sturdy bassinet cover to withstand all the forces exerted by your cat on the bassinet, then this Comfy Bumpy Travel Bassinet is strongly recommended. The frames present in this bassinet are fully made of Steel but at the same time, it also comes under the cover of lightweight category babies bassinet.

Moreover, it offers collapsible functionality but still, it doesn’t urge you to get a tool to cover it back to its previous state especially when you have a new baby in room menu.

Eventually, which is missing in this bassinet is the height adjustment. Although it won’t be a bigger problem due to the availability of two working modes provided with it. One mode is the rocking mode and the other is the stable position.

It can really give your baby a fun sleep while rocking away from risk.

During the purchase, you are most likely to feel it is as worth for money as you gonna get a soft mattress, soft washable sheet, hygienic urine pad, and a detachable mosquito net with this product.

But above all the crib quality, which is great in the end to offer safety and comfortability to your baby and your baby’s room overall without a baby monitor.


  • A super sturdy crib due to the presence of steel frames for complete sleep protection.
  • Offers rocking and stable modes features.
  • It offers an additional necessary baby’s product including a soft mattress, soft washable sheet, hygienic urine pad, and a detachable mosquito net apart from keep cats away.


  • It lacks desired height adjustment functionality.

My Opinion:

This is a value for money product model that covers a complete room package menu, a Mom could need for her baby in maintaining a bassinet. So, get crib & this door of opportunity.

Best cat proof bassinet: A Complete Buying Guide

1. Cover

If your primary concern in buying a Bassinet lies in keeping mosquitoes, cats, and bugs away from the baby, then the first thing to look for is a Super sturdy Bassinet Cover. This is highly essential as in case your cat jumps on the crib top, it should get cave in at any cost.

However, that crib cover should also keep the removing functionality as well to serve the door of cleaning purpose nicely. Eventually, if your baby’s bassinet is old and lacks any cover, you can simply get a sturdy bassinet cat cover from the market.

2. Design

Though nowadays all the bassinets available are mostly modern still in case you came across an old styled crib, try to stay away for extra mesh door. At that same price, you are eligible to keep a brand new designed super fashionable sleeping crib that is both elegant and classy at the same time with mattress.

Prefer having a great or charcoal black-colored bassinet or getting a crib of the same color as that of your baby’s nursery this gonna match the compatibility and covers on a cool mesh free look.

3. Material

Make sure to check the build-up material or bed of the bassinet and ensure that it is baby-friendly without any mesh. Above all, you also need to monitor that the crib is breathable or non suffocate for the baby and jump in joy. Do check the guidelines.

Additionally, you must go for a crib that contains meshed walls for free air circulation. Polyester is usually a lookout for most mothers but nylon material should be avoided a

4. Size of crib

Usually, most of the bassinets are designed to serve the baby for months of 6 and fix a weight limit of 25lbs. But that shouldn’t be your lookout until and unless it is spacious enough with high walls that provided comfortability to the baby in turning that too with enough air circulation.

5. Portability

Most infant mothers don’t have any travel plan with their newborn baby but maybe you as a mother won’t belong to that category and nothing wrong with that. However, if you got your active traveling plans earlier then you should go with a crib that is travel-friendly (i.e portable) rather than a removable approach without any risk.

In that case, all you need to look for is a perfect lightweight bassinet that is both easy to carry and easy to fold and can be stored without any problems. Prefer purchasing a crib that offers a carry case and safe keeping.

Final Verdict: Best cat proof bassinet

Cat’s are part of our pets family and nothing is more important than that until you are in a phase of delivering a newborn baby where the cat pets can jump in your toddler bed. With this , the arrangement and protection increase for a mother and especially when you are sharing your bedroom with your pet cat as your baby as an infant is not strong against cats far and immunization.

So, there should be special care when there lies a cat in the home. That crib will not only give you peace of mind but will also assure complete safety from the cat if you considered all the above buying guides in making the purchase.

However, there is also a need to train for a cat prior to delivering your little soul and saving him from cats jump in bed.

Our recommendation will point towards the Baby Delight Go with me Slumber cat proof bassinet forever.

Do comment your view and which sleeping mattress you gonna choose for this product. Support us via our affiliate link.

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