Videos of Babies In the Womb

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We are collecting videos of babies in the womb. If you find or have videos you’d like to share with us email us so that we may help others like yourself to enjoy the world of pregnancy.

This is a beautiful video we hope you like

Beautiful Music and Imagery with this Video

Twins in the womb…

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Week 5 of Your Pregnancy

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What is Happening Inside Your Body?

You may begin feeling some pregnancy symptoms this week. Your body is producing copious amounts of pregnancy hormones. These hormones will have a widespread effect on your entire body.

Week5Web200Hormones will begin stimulating your breasts to produce breast milk. This can lead to breast tenderness. They will widen your blood vessels, drawing more of your blood toward your growing baby. This can lead to dizziness as your body draws blood away from your head and toward your pelvis.

Hormones will slow down your digestion, influence your brain chemistry, sharpen your sense of smell, and loosen your ligaments in your body to help make room for your baby to grow. You may feel digestive disturbances and nausea. You may experience mood swings or feel emotionally sensitive as hormones make changes in your brain and body.

You may start to feel fatigued or need to urinate more frequently, and you may feel some discomfort in your back or body as your ligaments begin to loosen. All this is normal and a sign that your body is doing its important job to nourish and care for your baby to be.

Your body has not begun to expand yet, and there are no big changes in your outward appearance.

How Big is Your Baby?

Your baby is about 2 millimeters long. It has now been 3 weeks since conception.

How is Your Baby Developing?

5WeekOldFetusWeb200Your baby has now begun to develop a neural tube, which is the beginning of the development of the brain and spinal cord. It also has also begun to develop a tube in the center of the embryo which will soon form the heart. The tube will start beating between day 21-24 of the embryo’s development.

What Does a Fetus Look Like at 5 Weeks?

To give you the best example of what your fetus is doing, we are linking you to a great video showing the development of your baby. Please understand that the video is based on the conception date. Click here.

Here a video explains about how the babies brain develops.  Click here.

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

If you haven’t yet done so, arrange for your first prenatal visit. You may want to interview some different obstetricians and midwives as well as tour the different hospitals and birthing centers they work with. This will help you find the care that is just right for you.

If you have begun to experience morning sickness, please view the section of our website about morning sickness during pregnancy for some great information on managing your symptoms.

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Week 8 of Your Pregnancy

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What is Happening Inside Your Body?

Your uterus is growing and expanding. This can put pressure on your sciatic nerve, causing sciatic nerve pain. This feels like an occasional excruciating pain in the buttocks and down the back or side of the legs. This can occur at any time from now until the end of pregnancy, and is caused by pressure on the nerve from the expanding uterus.

8WeeksFetusWeb200You may also start to experience sharp pain on either side of your pelvis, especially from twisting related movements or when transitioning from sitting to standing up. Your growing uterus can cause strain on the round ligament, which are the muscles that support the uterus and hold it in place.

The volume of blood in your body has continued to increase. Your blood volume may have increased by as much as 40-50%, as your body pumps more blood to help feed your baby.

You may be experiencing gas, constipation, or diarrhea, as well as continued nausea. If you are going to have morning sickness, it will have likely developed by this point in your pregnancy.

Your breasts have probably begun to grow. They may be feeling tender or sensitive. This is normal as your body gets ready to produce milk. Many women’s breasts will increase a cup size or more during the course of their pregnancy. It is not unusual for a large portion of this growth to occur during the first trimester.

How Big is Your Baby?

Foetus8WeeksWeb203Your baby is a little more than ½ inch long, about the size of a kidney bean. It has been 6 weeks since conception.

What Does a Fetus Look Like at 8 weeks?  -  Video

If you are looking for What does a fetus look like at 8 weeks?
Click here to watch a video 6 weeks since conception.

Here is another great video of an a baby at 8 weeks gestation.
Click here to watch video 6 weeks since conception.

The babies wrist and hand is forming at 5 weeks 6 days.
Click here to see.

How is Your Baby Developing?

Your baby’s arms and legs are continuing to develop. The eyes and ears are beginning to grow. The nose and mouth are recognizable and the outside ears are beginning to grow.

The liver is now beginning to manufacture blood cells and the kidneys have developed but are not yet functioning.

Embryos in their sixth week of development begin to have spontaneous movements and reflexes such as twitching in the body and limbs in response to touch. The body at this point reacts equally to any and every type of stimulus.

Your baby’s heart is pumping at about 150 beats per minute, about two times the rate of an adult.

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

It is never to early to start practicing Kegel exercises. This exercise strengthens the urogenital muscles which support the pelvic floor. Good tone in these muscles will help you to recover your muscle tone after childbirth and help prevent problems with incontinence.

To practice Kegel exercises, tighten up the same muscles you would use to stop the flow of urine. At first you can practice on the toilet. Then they can be done any time. Contract the muscle as many times in a row as you can as tightly as possible with as many repetitions as possible. It will be very helpful later in pregnancy and after childbirth if you begin these exercises now.


Week 12 of Your Pregnancy

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What is Happening Inside Your Body?

Month3Web140Changes are becoming more noticeable now. Your uterus has grown large enough to almost fill your pelvis. You doctor should be able to feel your uterus inside your abdomen now.

Your rib cage is expanding. You are breathing in 40-50% more air than normal.

In addition, your breasts are growing. You may notice that the areola are beginning to darken.

If you have been having morning sickness, it may be starting to ease now. For the majority of women, the nausea of pregnancy will fade completely by week 14. Some unlucky women may experience nausea that comes and goes throughout the entire pregnancy and others will be nauseous until the end.

Your hips are widening to make more room for your baby. Your ligaments are softening and stretching. Some women experience tail bone pain, pelvic pain, or leg pain as a result.

You may find that you are becoming constipated or gassy. Hormones are slowing down your digestive process.

How Big is Your Baby?

week12FetusWebYour baby is approximately 2 ¼ inches long. It has more than doubled in size in the last few weeks. It has been 10 weeks since conception.

What Does a Fetus Look Like at 12 Weeks?

Here you can see video of some great video of a fetus at 12 weeks.
Click here see the video 10 weeks since conception.

Ultrasound video of a fetus at 12 weeks sucking on its thumb.
Click here to watch. 10 weeks since conception.

Video of twins at 12 weeks. Watch here.

How is Your Baby Developing?

12WeekFetusWeb200Your baby’s head growth is slowing, allowing the rest of the body to catch up. Your baby is taking on a much more normal baby appearance.

Baby’s posture is becoming more upright as the spine extends. Bones are beginning to harden, especially in the skull and long bones.

The genitals are becoming clearly developed, though if you had an ultrasound they would not yet be able to tell the sex of your baby.

The baby’s intestines are growing fast, so fast that they extend out into the umbilical cord. Soon they will retract back into its abdomen.

The kidneys are functioning and the baby is beginning to excrete urine.

Your baby is beginning to make sucking movements with its mouth.

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Try upping your fiber intake to help your slowing intestines keep moving. Also increase your fluid intake. Dehydration can contribute to dry stools.

Be sure you are getting plenty of exercise and eating a healthy diet. Pay attention to what you eat. Certain foods may cause you to be more gassy than usual. Keep track of the foods you eat to help you identify the culprits.

If you have not started doing Kegel exercises yet, now is a good time to start. Kegel exercises can help with childbirth as well as with recovery afterwards.


Week 13 of Your Pregnancy

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What is Happening Inside Your Body?

Fetus!3WeeksWeb200By now your clothes are probably fitting pretty snugly. You may not have purchased any maternity clothes yet, but have probably started thinking about that step.

You may be starting to feel more energetic now and you might find that your nausea has diminished. You could possibly be free from queasiness in the next couple of weeks.

Your breasts are getting larger and you may feel some bumps beneath the skin. This is because your mammary ducts are getting ready to produce milk for your baby. You may also begin to notice that your veins are beginning to appear under the skin of your breasts.

You may be beginning to develop some stretch marks on your abdomen, breasts, hips or buttocks. To help prevent stretch marks, try to gain weight slowly and steadily.

Keeping your body well hydrated and engaging in regular exercise can help prevent stretch marks. So can loosening and stretching of the skin. You can find information about this in the book, Pregnancy Pain Relief.

There are also some various creams, salves and butters that are designed especially for preventing stretch marks.

How Big is Your Baby?

Your baby is about 3 inches long. It has been 11 weeks since conception.

What Does A Fetus Look Like at 13 Weeks?

Many want to know what does a baby look like at 13 weeks…Here is a great video

Easy to determine the sex of the baby…Click to see video

How is Your Baby Developing?

Your baby has begun to develop hair. Hair grows first on the eyebrows, upper lip and chin.

Your baby’s face is beginning to show unique features and appearance. Its eyes are coming closer together on the face, and the ears are becoming more fully developed and placed in their normal position on the head.

Your baby may be beginning to develop bouts of hiccups, though you won’t be able to feel it yet. Hiccups work to strengthen the baby’s diaphragm, which will get the respiratory system ready for breathing.

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Be sure you are keeping your body well hydrated. Avoid soda and sugary or carbonated beverages. They do not hydrate you and are unhealthy for you and your baby. Carry a water bottle with you everywhere to insure you are drinking all the time.

Staying well hydrated can help prevent stretch marks, as well as headaches, muscle cramps and fatigue.

If you are concerned about stretch marks, try using one of the specialized stretch mark creams to help prevent stretch marks. Applying cream or Vitamin E to your breasts, hips, buttocks and abdomen can help increase the elasticity and hydration of your skin.