Videos of Babies In the Womb

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We are collecting videos of babies in the womb. If you find or have videos you’d like to share with us email us so that we may help others like yourself to enjoy the world of pregnancy.

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Week 7 of Your Pregnancy

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What is Happening Inside Your Body?

Fetus07weeks200Your uterus is expanding, and has almost doubled in size. The mucus on your cervix is thickening, forming a mucus plug that will help seal your uterus until your baby is ready to be born.

Depending on whether or not you have morning sickness, you may have gained or lost a few pounds. This weight gain is not enough that people will be able to tell you are pregnant.

You may be feeling more urgency to urinate. This is normal and is due to the increased blood flow that occurs during pregnancy.

You may be feeling tired, achy, nauseated and moody. (If you are feeling fine, don’t worry–you’re one of the lucky ones!) If you are feeling nauseated, your nausea may diminish after the first trimester (around 14 weeks).

How Big is Your Baby?

Your baby is about 1/3 of an inch long. The embryo is at 5 weeks of development.

How is Your Baby Developing?

Your baby’s brain is continuing to develop. The digestive tract is forming. The lenses of the eyes are now forming and the middle ears are developing. Arms, legs, hands and feet are starting to take shape.

What Does a Fetus Look Like at 7 Weeks?

The best way to answer that is with this great video of what a fetus looks like at 7 weeks. Click Here. This is week 5 for your fetus.

There are several videos here that you can click on and enjoy. Here is another grate here. Again this is week 5 for your fetus.

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy


Be cautious when taking any over the counter medications. Be sure to check with your doctor before consuming any medication. It is generally recommended that you avoid all pain relievers other than acetaminophen.

Be sure you are continuing to eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly. If you are experiencing nausea, check out the page on this website about morning sickness during pregnancy.

If you have not chosen a doctor or midwife yet, you will want to do that right away. You may find some helpful information on choosing a doctor or midwife and what to expect on your first prenatal visit in other sections of this website.


Week 3 of Pregnancy

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What is Happening Inside Your Body?

After ovulation takes place, conception occurs. The sperm and the egg have joined two sets of genetic material together to create a new, unique DNA. The gender, hair color, eye color and more than 200 other characteristics of your baby to be have already been decided.

The fertilized egg travels down the fallopian tube, and will complete a 3-4 day journey to reach the uterus.

Cells are already dividing and growing. On day five this group of cells is known as a blastocyst, and looks like a tiny, fluid-filled ball of cells. On about the sixth day, the blastocyst will implant, burrowing itself into the wall of the uterus. From this point until the end of the first trimester, your future baby will be referred to as an embryo.

At this point, though, there is much going on inside your body, most women do not even realize that they are pregnant.

How Big is Your Baby?

The embryo growing inside of you is about one week old and is about the size of the head of a pin, approximately .006 inches long. It would be visible to the naked eye if it weren’t inside you, and looks like a group of cells.

Your baby’s DNA string is incredibly long. Click here for a video about the DNA Strings.

Implantation video…Click here to watch. Implantation can take from 6 to 10 days.

How is Your Baby Developing

The embryo is growing rapidly. Part of it will become the placenta, which will produce hCG. This is the pregnancy hormone which pregnancy tests detect.

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Avoid smoking, alcohol, drugs, and even some herbal supplements. Be sure to talk to your health care provider about which medications and supplements are safe to take during pregnancy.

If you have not already done so, begin taking a prenatal vitamin.

Eat healthy food with at least five servings of fruit and vegetables daily. Remember that whatever goes into your body is also what goes into your baby’s body.

Be sure to drink plenty of water. Plenty of fluid will help prevent, headaches, water retention, and many other discomforts.

Exercise is important during pregnancy. If you have already been on an exercise routine, it is usually safe to continue with your active lifestyle. If you are beginning an exercise routine, speak with your healthcare provider about safe exercises. Also, you can visit our page about exercise during pregnancy.

Your body will be going through many changes in the coming months. Be sure to get proper sleep, rest and nutrition. Take time for relaxation, to keep stress levels down and help you enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest.