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Advanced Woman CalendarAdvanced Woman Calendar

Advanced Woman Calendar is a precise and user-friendly personal ovulation calendar that monitors the menstrual cycle. It calculates safe days for sexual intercourse, and helps you to achieve or avoid pregnancy, or even predict a baby’s gender.

Ovulation calendar helps you to use the natural contraception method. It shows you the fertile days (those with increased chances of pregnancy), the ovulation period and even enables baby gender prediction by highlighting the increased probability of conceiving a boy or girl. The results are presented as a color-coded ovulation calendar showing your fertile and non-fertile periods.

Key Features

  • Pregnancy and ovulation calendar
  • Precise and easy-to-use
  • Best quality prognosis with calculation of all accumulated data
  • Baby gender prediction
  • Password protection for several user profiles
  • Notes tool for daily updates
  • Reminders and alarms
  • Chinese Lunar Calendar
  • Horoscopes and Zodiac signs
  • Shows ovulation calendar as desktop wallpaper
  • Premenstrual Syndrome tracking
  • Rectal temperature analysis
  • Printing support
Want to become pregnant using ovulation calendar?

It is a fact that you are the most fertile during ovulation, so if you can calculate the time period when you experience ovulation, it is possible to determine the best days to conceive. Advanced Woman Calendar is a ovulation calendar that calculates the probability of conception based on your ovulation time and other factors such as egg and sperm lifespan.

Want to avoid pregnancy using ovulation calendar?

The natural way to avoid unwanted pregnancy is to abstain from unprotected intercourse during your fertile days. The most fertile time is the day of ovulation. Advanced Woman Calendar uses the ovulation calendar to pinpoint the fertile days, taking into account possible variations in your menstrual cycle, thus helping you to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

Want to choose the gender of your baby using ovulation calendar?

Advanced Woman Calendar helps you to calculate the perfect time for conception, and increases your chances of conceiving a boy or girl.

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Advanced Woman Calender

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