Low Amniotic Fluid Levels (Oligohydramnios)

August 13, 2010

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Oligohydramnios is a problem where the amniotic fluid levels are too low. This condition happens in about 4 out of 100 pregnancies.

What Causes Oligohydramnios?

Low amniotic fluid levels can be caused by a variety of conditions, including premature rupture of membranes, intrauterine growth restriction, birth defects, twin to twin transfusion syndrome, and carrying your pregnancy more than 2 weeks past the due date.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Oligohydramnios?

The symptoms of oligohydramnios include leaking of amniotic fluid and decreased amount of amniotic fluid on an ultrasound.

Diagnosis is primarily made by using an ultrasound.

What is the Treatment for Oligohydramnios?

Treatment for oligohydramnios includes close monitoring of your amniotic fluid levels. Sometimes an amnioinfusion will be performed. This is an experimental procedure which involves injecting fluid into the amniotic sac.

Your baby’s health and well being will be monitored regularly. If your baby is thought to be in danger due to the low amniotic fluid, a premature delivery may be necessary.

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